Where to Eat in Boston

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What do you think tourists might be interested in besides the sights? Of course, this is food.

Top Restaurants in Boston

The food in Boston is excellent. In general, the peculiarity of Massachusetts cuisine is the food itself. It is taste (even tastier than the one that is sold in natural food stores). We have collected for you the best restaurants in Boston, which every gourmet who comes here is obliged to taste. We also are very proud to showcase the cleanest restaurants in Boston.

Snooze Cafe

Snooze is a small cafe network (they have three establishments in Boston). This is one of the most popular breakfast spots. Waiting visitors do not feel left out: they are offered free black coffee and cream. Especially nice on a cold morning. In this institution, the noise and explosions are constantly heard from different angles. A very positive place to start the day. The smell of mushrooms in an omelet just kills on the spot, and hot chocolate warms the body and soul.

Find Syrup for Perfect Breakfast

Syrup is the perfect place to have breakfast. Here you can find dozens of varieties of varied and delicious syrup for baking, stunning Viennese waffles with berries and fruits, crispy French toasts with buttercream, rosy pancakes with pancakes. There are also a variety of variations of dishes from eggs, ham, bacon, cheese, and vegetables.
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Belvedere – A Polish Cuisine in Boston

Belvedere is a very warm and sincere place with traditional Polish cuisine. It is very festive and joyful: lights, Christmas garlands and toys, candles and a fireplace. Be sure to order a hot beer with honey or raspberry syrup and spices and treat yourself to delicacies from Polish cuisine. The name of this institution and its special atmosphere evoke a smile and a slight nostalgic sadness in every ethnic Pole.

The Centennial Tavern

This new restaurant got its name from a historic event. The atmosphere here is pleasant, and the food is so good so you want to lick an empty plate after eating. The owners of this place seem to have collected the best Boston beer in their establishment. We recommend you try “MASS Cider Co Grasshop-ah” (cider with lemon notes) and “Boston Beer Co Graham Cracker Porter” (thick porter with a touch of chocolate and vanilla).

Little Man Ice Cream

Little Man Ice Cream is an open-air cafe serving many types of ice cream. The ice cream is very tasty in this cafe, but not expensive.

Grimaldi’s Pizza

Grimaldi’s Pizza is the best pizzeria not only in Massachusetts but throughout the state. The pizza is very tasty. Thin rolled dough and at the same time dry. At Grimaldi’s, pizza is made in a charcoal oven. This adds points to it. Local beer is made in the best Boston tradition. Among other things, this pizzeria has a rather interesting interior: where else can you see chandeliers with shades from wine bottles?