Popular Food Restaurants in the SF Bay Area

this image shows one of the popular food restaurants in the bay area
Eating in San Francisco is no problem. Restaurants, bars, eateries in the city – nearly ten thousand. The mixture of peoples turned the city into a real gourmet paradise: here, at the same intersection, traditional American, Asian and Italian restaurants can adjoin, and from around the corner you can hear the aroma of all oriental cuisines combined. We have compiled a guide to the top – 5 San Francisco restaurants that boast an unusual atmosphere, unique view, and history.

Bay Area: Best Restaurants to Visit

Forbes Island Water Restaurant

Where: 39 Piers, San Francisco, CA 94133 Average check: $ 75 Work time: 17.00-21.00
You cannot worry about parking – it simply isn’t here, because the restaurant is located on the water. Funny little side story, my wife and I were on our way here for our anniversary. Along the highway our car broke down, and instead of waiting to get it repaired, we knew we had reservations. So we had a Pleasanton towing company bring our car to a local auto shop to be repaired while we ubered to make it in time for our reservations! Guests are delivered to the houseboat by a boat, which departs from the 39th pier on the promenade of San Francisco. The first question posed by gourmets suffering from seasickness – is it not rocking here? In truth, lightly. Therefore, if you don’t tolerate the sea and the pitching, go to dinner only on a fine day, book a table not on the terrace, but in the hall, and immediately order snacks – you won’t feel the wiggle on a full stomach. A table must be booked in advance. And not just to be taken from the shore and taken to the table. The outlandish restaurant is very popular and is often closed for private parties. The restaurant celebrated its anniversary last year: in 1975, Tor Kidu, the designer of houseboats, launched it. True, initially it was an advertising model of a residential building. Guests, potential buyers, fed, watered, and persuaded to buy a house. But a year later there was a trend: the same people came to the house, who was very attracted by lunch on the water but were not at all interested in buying floating housing. Then the owner hired a professional team of chefs and turned the house into a floating restaurant with gourmet cuisine.

The View: the city in the palm of your hand

Where: 39, 780 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103 Average check: $ 15 Opening hours: Sunday-Wednesday 16.00-1.00, Thursday-Saturday 16.00-1.30
From the 39th floor of the Marriott Hotel, the whole city will be in full view. This is the main and, perhaps, the only feature of the restaurant. You do not need to be a great connoisseur of haute cuisine to understand that such establishments are designed for tourists, and not for a regular audience. Therefore, the menu will not please gourmets with either content or prices. But to take a cocktail and sit comfortably on a sofa is a great idea! The restaurant opens at 16:00 and is open 01:00 from Sunday to Wednesday and until 01:30 from Thursday to Saturday. Panoramic windows in two rooms allow you to see the whole of San Francisco and, depending on the weather, to see what is happening outside. There is no restaurant above and above the city.
this image shows denver restaurant by the bay
Tip: Do not wait for the evening, come straight to the opening. Firstly, there are more chances to quickly take a table with a better view, secondly, the view of the daytime city is no worse than at night, and the sunset photo may very well be able to be auctioned off someday.

Cliff House: Oceanfront Dinner

Where: 1090 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121 Average check: $ 70 Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9.00-21.30, Saturday 8.30-21.30
Book a table with ocean views and grab a plate of mussels and tomato fish stew with crabs and clams. While the cook will conjure over the order, take a walk along the two floors of the restaurant and carefully consider the photos on the walls. If you conclude that the whole of Hollywood has been here, then you will not be mistaken – there are more than five hundred autographed photographs of celebrities. The history of the restaurant began in 1858, and each waiter willingly tells you about the fire and ghosts, and the legends of the House on the rock. If you are not inclined to have dinner at a table with a white tablecloth and want something more democratic – go immediately to the second floor. There is an inexpensive bistro here, and the view of the yachts, sunset and resting fur seals and pelicans is no worse. Personal advice: The best place for a Sunday brunch in San Francisco is not to be found.

Opaque: Lunch in Complete Darkness

Where: 1500 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109 Average check: $ 50 Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday 18.30-23.30, Sunday-Tuesday – Closed
The meal experiment categorically does not suit those who suffer from claustrophobia or are afraid of the dark. Lunch is not just in a dark room, but incomplete, complete, one hundred percent darkness. The only place where the light is on is the restroom. The waiter escorts into it and back to the table. An unusual atmosphere dictates its own rules. For example, strong alcohol is not served at dinner to avoid excesses, because a drunken guest may have an increased fear of the dark or an aggressive desire to turn on the light. At the entrance, you will be strictly asked not to turn on the mobile phones, remove the backlit watch from your hand, and not to shine with a lighter. Violators may in all seriousness be asked to leave the institution. You have to believe the waiter’s word that in a black-black room on a black-black table, black-black food is exactly what you ordered. The most entertaining conclusion that you will make during lunch is that our taste buds work in a duet with eyes, and without any visual support, it is sometimes difficult to guess what you eat.

Urban Putt: Golf Tea Party

Where: 1096 S Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110 Average check: $ 15 and $ 12 for golf Opening hours: Monday-Friday 16.00-24.00, Saturday-Sunday 11.00-1.00
A golf course in the middle of San Francisco? This will call nonsense anyone who does not know about the existence of a restaurant-golf club. In the menu of the institution, in addition to food and drinks, there is a golf training course. Tip of the seasoned: order a big pizza, go to the lower floor, go to the holes and from time to time take a break for lunch. Do not plan anything for the evening, because minigolf can tighten so much that you will spend all day in the restaurant. The set of holes is constantly updated and updated, and options for difficulty levels will satisfy both the beginner and the pros.