Gourmet New York City Eats

There are about 50,000 places in New York where you can eat tasty and quality food. Already from just one figure, we can conclude that food for New Yorkers is a very important aspect of life. It is not surprising that the best, luxurious, and expensive restaurants in the world chose our city to open its doors.

Five Top Gourmet Restaurants in New York

We have made a selection for you of 5 restaurants in New York, which gourmets from around the world will want to visit.

Per Se Time Warner Center

10 Columbus Circle, 4th fl. (60th St. at Broadway)

The average check per person $ 325 (with soft drinks)

The Per Se Time Warner Center restaurant is the best, according to The New York Times. Chef Thomas Keller is well known for gourmet restaurants, Per Se is one of 5 restaurants under his patronage. Luxurious and at the same time cozy, the restaurant offers dishes of European and Mediterranean cuisine. The menu changes daily. Large selection of vegetarian dishes. A modest light lunch will cost you from $ 200 without drinks and tips to the waiters. The average bill is $ 325 per person, not including all the same alcoholic drinks and gratuities.


Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle, 4th floor (60th St. Broadway)

The average check per person from – $ 585 (without drinks)

The Masa, is not only the best restaurant in New York but also the most expensive restaurant in the world. No, I don’t take into account the places where caviar is served in a golden dish sprinkled with diamonds, or the alligator fillet, the skin of which can be taken with you in the form of a handbag. We also have similar perversions, but Masa is not such a place. People come here just to eat. The restaurant is designed for only 26 people, and the chef meets each guest personally. All products are shipped from Japan. Sushi, sashimi and incredible seafood dishes. A very modest lunch will cost you at the very minimum of $ 400-450, but the average bill per person is $ 585 without drinks.

Brooklyn Fare

200 Schermerhorn St. (Hoyt St.), Brooklyn

The average check per person $ 280

Brooklyn Fare is one of the most extravagant restaurants in the city. Only 18 people can be here at once. All guests are divided into two groups – the first group starts dinner at 6:30, the second at 7:15. The chef arranges a real show for guests – all dishes are prepared right before their eyes. The cost of lunch depends on the dishes, and dishes on the mood of the chef. There is no fixed menu here, and you need to reserve a place for 8–9 months, and sometimes for a year (I’m not exaggerating). On average, a check per person is about $ 250-300 for food only, without alcoholic drinks. Of course, it’s customary to leave a generous tip to the chef.

Momofuku Ko

163 First Ave. (bet. 10th & 11th Sts.)

A restaurant with an unusual name and more than unusual cuisine. Japanese, Korean and French cuisines are found here and mixed. The result is incredibly tasty and very exotic dishes. The restaurant is designed for only 12 seats and works on the principle of an open kitchen. Booking a place is not easy. Only through the website of the restaurant itself, but not in a few months, but just a few weeks before the desired date of visit. The price of lunch and dinner is fixed – $ 125 and $ 175 per person, without drinks and gratuities. The number of dishes is just crazy: on some days it reaches 20. Chef David Chang never repeats – every time the dishes change or new ingredients are added. In a word, for those who believe that they have been everywhere and tried everything, the restaurant will be a good proof of the opposite.

Le Bernardin

155 W. 51st St. (bet. 6th & 7th Aves.)

Average bill per person from $ 146 (without drinks)

The restaurant will delight connoisseurs of luxurious interiors and no less luxurious dishes of French and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant was first opened in Paris, but in 1988 immigrated to New York. This is not only a model of European luxury but also a place without which it is difficult to imagine the life of the New York elite. The interior of Le Bernardin will seem familiar to you, since more than once the heroes of various films and TV shows dined here. The restaurant is included in the list of 15 of the best restaurants in the world and according to Zagat the best in New York.