Go Out to Eat in Chicago

this is an image of the roadside when going out to eat in Chicago
Restaurants in major cities of United States are always excellent and the list is completely endless. Chicago is not an exception in this regard. We are ready to recommend some places where we were ourselves and which are worth visiting. We offer you different options in three price categories;
  1. The average price of a hot meal $ 40 or higher,
  2. The average price of a hot meal at about $ 30,
  3. The average price of a hot meal up to $ 25.

American Kitchen

Jordan Steak 

In 2009, in the heart of the Magnificent Mile, a new restaurant was opened, owned by legendary basketball player Michael Jordan. Either thanks to the eminent owner, or excellent steaks, Jordan Steak very quickly entered the list of the best restaurants in Chicago. The prices here are quite high, but you must have in mind that the lunch menu is different from the dinner menu, and you can eat cheaper at lunch. In any case, Jordan Steak is a landmark for Chicago, where you should look, but it is advisable to book a table in advance. Address: 505 N. Michigan Avenue

Cheesecake Factory 

A chain of American restaurants that can be found in any large city in the United States. In Chicago, it is located on the ground floor of the John Hancock Center building, and in fine weather, you can also sit on the terrace that overlooks Michigan Avenue. Cheesecake Factory has a traditional large selection of dishes – from salads to all kinds of pizzas and other hot dishes. Address: 875 North Michigan Avenue

Smith & Wollensky 

If you are a connoisseur of steaks and don’t see anything wrong with giving $ 50 for a piece of meat, then the famous Smith & Wollensky steakhouse is what you need. The restaurant is located in the Marina City complex, on the lower tier, with magnificent views of the river, so this place is perfect for a meaningful dinner. As in Jordan Steak, the lunch menu is different from dinner, and lunch here is a little cheaper. Address: 318 North State Street

The Grill on the Alley 

Another place where you can taste steaks, although not in such a variety, is located near the center of John Hancock. This restaurant-bar is very popular among local office workers who come here after a working day to drink a glass of beer. You can do the same – good, this restaurant has a lot of high bar tables. Address: 909 N Michigan Ave, Ste 1

European Cuisine


The Italian restaurant Quartino is perhaps the most popular in the city, at least you won’t be able to get there in the evening without a reservation. The atmosphere in the restaurant is noisy and cheerful, so this place is more suitable for dinner with friends than for a romantic date. Moreover, Quartino is famous for its plates of snacks, which are designed to share them with friends on the table. You can choose any of the cheeses, meat products, olives, and other Italian snacks. Address: 626 N. State St.

Osteria via Stato

Another noteworthy Italian restaurant is located right next to Quartino. This institution has two menus – pizzerias and osteria, the first is a little cheaper, although there are not only options for pizza. The interior here is quite concise, in a modern style, the atmosphere is calm – in general, everything you need for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine and a good atmosphere. Address: 620 North State Street

Trattoria No. 10

Very cozy Italian restaurant, the main hall of which is located in the basement, located in the business district of Chicago – Chicago Loop. The main pride of the institution is homemade ravioli with various fillings, including lobster. The trattoria has a pleasant atmosphere, and the hall is full both at dinner and at lunch. Address: 10 N. Dearborn

Bistro Voltaire

If you are tired of eating burgers and steaks or visiting numerous Italian restaurants on a trip to the United States, we recommend a peek into the French bistro, where you can enjoy snails, onion soup or duck. Bistro Voltaire is famous not only for its fine French cuisine but also for its cozy atmosphere. The restaurant is very small, the atmosphere is very calm, so the Bistro Voltaire is perfect for a romantic or quiet family dinner. Address: 226 West Chicago Ave.

Asian Kitchen


Sunda Restaurant is one of the best Asian establishments in Chicago, where dishes of different Asian directions are presented – here you can try both Chinese dim sum and Japanese sushi. A simple and stylish interior, an extensive menu – everything you need for a good dinner. On Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant is open from 10.30 in the morning for brunch. Address: 110 W. Illinois

Big Bowl Chinese and Thai

Authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine at affordable prices. Simple and comfortable atmosphere, delicious food, and large portions – perhaps this will make you return here more than once. By the way, restaurants of this network are also in other cities of the state of Illinois. Address: 60 E Ohio St

Shanghai Terrace

Shanghai Terrace is Zagat’s best Chinese restaurant in Chicago. The menu offers Cantonese cuisine, including numerous options for dim sums. The restaurant is located on the Peninsula, so the atmosphere requires a specific dress code. During the summer months, the restaurant has an outdoor terrace. Address: 108 E Superior St.