Finest Places For Foodies in Miami

Ten years ago Miami could be compared to a village: abandoned art deco hotels, lazy Latin American service, friendly clean ocean (ten years ago it was noticeably cleaner).

Finding Miami’s Finest Restaurants

Today everything has changed, but the search for good restaurants is also relevant, with the only difference being that now you are looking for them among many worthy candidates. Below are the places for foodies restaurants in Miami.


1701 James Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

The restaurant opened in 2011 and immediately became a favorite among locals. The institution has only about 40 seats and a constantly changing menu. Besides French!

Another convenience is the care of those who are not very versed in French cuisine but would like to try. In addition to the general menu, full of frills, there are ready-made options for combinations of dishes, selected “by style”. The Miami Spice option is for those who like it hot, Discovery introduces you to the basics of French cuisine, the Signature option includes dishes that the chef is proud of, and the Tasting menu is for those who know everything about French cuisine and come to indulge in taste receptors.

The menu is changing, but today our favorites are the classic foie gras with local mango chutney, duck in orange sauce with hints of ginger, cod fillet with caviar, champagne sauce, celery, and mushrooms. And for dessert – an airy Pavlova. Each menu and dish offers wines that emphasize and reveal textures, seasonings, and sauces. Since 2013, the restaurant annually receives the Wine Spectator Award.

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1906 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Bâoli Miami is vibrant, fun and energetic. It is better to go here for beef and seafood. There are excellent sushi, beautiful girls, a lot of sake and champagne. There is also a lot of cherry on this cake of modern Asian cuisine.

For example, an appetizer of Australian beef wagyu cooked in port, or risotto with black truffle, shiitake mushrooms, stewed in the oven. But the most remarkable thing happens in the dessert menu: European desserts are prepared in an Asian manner.

So, matches taste is felt in tiramisu, and chocolate, where you dip churros, is served with green tea sauce. Would you like to continue the nocturne-style banquet? Stay the night! All Miami comes here to drink, dance and take cool selfies. After tasting Kobe beef with citrus chili sauce, wasabi, and wafu Japanese sauce, of course.

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119 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

This brutal steakhouse is one of the top ten in the country. And how many steak houses are there in the US? In 2017, the total number of restaurants in the USA was registered – 647288. About a third of them are steakhouses because Americans without a steak are not Americans! And this is 214000.

Therefore, if you want the best steakhouse in Miami – you are here. And if you don’t want to sell your soul for a meat board, then maybe you don’t have one.

The choice of steaks will captivate any connoisseur: Japanese Kobe beef, aged forty days ribeye, filet minions, New York and Kansas strip steaks. Both cultures originated in the 19th century, but do not forget that Kansas is the livestock capital.

Historically, they ate more meat here, and therefore the local style of preparing a strip steak is a lot of spices and a barbecue sauce. In New York, they ate less meat, and therefore each piece was valued more. Therefore, the New York strip steak is a little longer, a little more “fat” and more “meat” – it does not marinate.

Want to finally figure out the meat? Book a table! Moreover, there are also excellent oysters for a snack.


2001 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Located at Setai Hotel, where Asian hospitality is practiced, this Asian-style restaurant offers à la carte dishes from Vietnam, India, Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan. Dim sum, Peking duck, Indian curry, sea bass cooked in a tandoori oven. Dishes are served in small portions with the expectation that diners will order generously, share, and maybe even eat with their hands, as is customary in some regions of Asia.

Despite the traditional nature of the general principles of serving, the design of other dishes is a small work of Asian art, where each line matters. Even not the most funny-looking buns with pork manage to serve aesthetically.

You need to go here when you want hospitality and real luxury of tastes, seasonings, and smells, when it seems that you want to eat perfume – so delicate, aromatic and rich tastes here.

The institution has a lot of vegetarian options, moreover, which is natural for Asian cuisine, as tasty as “meat” ones.