10 Best Restaurants in the USA

this is an aerial view of the restaurants in the united states

At least one excellent restaurant or cafe is in almost every American city for all the foodies out there. But do not flatter yourself: the road to it is hardly paved with yellow brick. Therefore, the addresses of such places are better to write out in advance.

Dining in the best restaurants

1. Bohemian House, Chicago

Chicago’s Bohemian House Restaurant, on the River North, serves the best German and Austrian cuisine in town. Of course, in a modern mod. Pies, schnitzels and even chicken paprikash in the interpretation of Chef Jimmy Papadopoulos come out with perfect masterpieces, especially in combination with craft or classic German beers. While waiting for an order at Bohemian House, it’s better not to look at the phone, but at the table – each of them is made by hand and, of course, one is not like the other.

2. Trentina, Cleveland

As the name implies, Trentina Cleveland serves Italian cuisine with regional accents from Trentino, where the chef Jonathan Sawyer is from. Trentina is not limited to home-made pasta: once you are here, try eggs cooked in a spoon on charcoal, or edible candles from beef tallow. A la carte dishes are served on the patio; 12-course tasting sets are served in the restaurant.

3. Metropole, Cincinnati

The Metropole restaurant at 21c Museum Hotel is notable for the old-fashioned wood stove – the kitchen revolves around it. Gastronomic critics praise the main local specialty – grilled chicken for different voices.

4. Cerulean, Indianapolis

At a rather pretentious Alexander Hotel, a pretty nice restaurant Cerulean has opened, which serves seasonal dishes like white gazpacho, tomato tartare according to the chef’s recipe, duck breasts from local farms and excellent wild salmon.

5. The Florence, Savannah

This restaurant was opened by Hugh Acheson, judge of the popular culinary show Top Chef. It’s worth a look at least for pizza and bruschetta – they are amazing in Italian.

6. The Pig & The Pearl, Atlanta

Chef Todd Richards is a welcome guest at all the nearby gastronomic festivals, local food people appreciate his passion for well-balanced dishes and praise for the complete absence of “star” disease. These qualities of Richards could not but affect the menu of The Pig & The Pearl: everything deserves attention in it, but smoked meat – especially.

7. Thai Esane, Nashville

Do not pay attention to the name, because here they serve not only Thai, but also Lao, Cambodian, and Malay dishes. The chef and owner of the establishment, Nina Sayasak, has worked in Asia for several years and prepares excellent soups and spring rolls.

this image shows one top fhe best retaurants in the united states

8. Toro, Boston

Toro chef Jamie Bissonet skillfully and coolly kneads traditional recipes using modern technology. In Bologna, for example, adds shiitake and soy sauce soaked in wine. The success of this formula is indicated, for example, by the fact that the second Toro restaurant has recently opened in New York.

9. Fung Tu, New York

Chef Jonathan Wong had been preparing for the opening of his restaurant for a long time in the kitchen of the famous New York Per Se. And since last fall, he moved from theory to practice. Gastronomic critics believe that while Wong is doing a little worse than his bartenders: don’t misinterpret their reviews, the hot dishes, and snacks (especially tofu with lobster) are excellent, but the cocktails draw all the attention to themselves.

10. Angelica Kitchen, New York

This restaurant is good not only for healthy cuisine but also for a healthy irony about the very idea of ​​vegetarianism – those who can give up meat for just one evening – that is, just for one dinner – will not feel like despicable outcasts here.